Authorised Service Dealers for

Installation & Commissioning

Whispower is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We believe in installing our systems as specified and doing it correctly the first time. Whispower is well known for its in-house capability to successfully undertake a Turnkey Projects

Preventative Maintenance

Your business demands that your machine works thought tough terrain ad harsh weather. It is only natural that overtime, wear & tear, and even sudden breakdown can disrupt you schedule. Preventative and regular maintenance is the keep to keep your machine profitable.
Preventative Maintenance is the maintenance that need to regularly performed on a machinery to lessen the likelihood of its failure.
Whispower undertake all diesel engine related:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • On field Support

Engine overhaul

Ensure that your machine is not in break down for any longer that absolutely necessary. We can repair your engine, overhaul it or procure warranty post the overhaul at our service workshop. Whispower product support extends beyond field service. We maintain fully equipped state-of-art Workshop facilities to cater to major services such as:

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Transmission/TC overhauls
  • Fuel Injection Pumps and Nozzles Overhaul
  • Rehabilitation Services

Whispower Service Workshop is equipped with special purpose assemble stands and tools, along with specialty equipment such as Engine Test Bench and Hydraulic Track Press to undertake overhauls of Engines and Transmissions

Alternator overhaul

Whispower has the most modern rewinding facility in Kerala. We can overhaul alternators ranging from 1 kVa up to 15,000 kVa.
Being an authorised device dealer, we follow all manufacturer procedures for rewinding.
Supply spares like the AVR, slip ring, carbon brushes, terminal board etc.

Other works

  • Control Panel Repairs
  • Extended Exhaust and Cooling System
  • Acoustic Canopy Solution (Open DG Sets)

Advanced servicing and overhaul is done in the field at our customer´s power stations as well as at our well-equipped service workshop

We overhaul, repair, various types of windings, rolling element or sleeve bearings, cores, or coolers. Diagnosis of windings is done with high sensitivity insulation meters. We have the capacity to rewind motors & alternators up to 10000 HP and alternators up to 15000 KVA.
In-house facilities include:

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Surge comparison testing
  • No load trials
  • Automatic air circulated baking ovens.

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Portable or Stationary rental DG –Set are available in Whispower’s facility. More than 40 Gen-set for rental ranging from 7.5-750 kVa is available.

Portable or Stationary rental DG –Set are available in Whispower’s facility. More than 40 Gen-set for rental ranging from 7.5-750 kVa is available.

Warranty Whispower

Your decision to choose Whispower will always make excellent business sense. Exceptional design, quality materials and meticulous workmanship go into every Whispower product.

Whispower Gensets has up to 24 months or 5,000-hour warranty for the Generators sets
There is also an option to buy a Whispower Platinum Protection policy to cover you beyond the standard warranty period – and core components such as the engine block and cylinder head come with a 36 month guarantee.
We are so confident of their longevity that every single genset which leaves our factory is provided with a complete warranty offering up to 24 months or 5,000 hour warranty from the date of delivery, whichever occurs sooner, as a bare minimum in case you experience a fault.
Activating the warranty requires no specific action on your part. It is a standard part of the package, though to maintain its validity, you do have to service your engine in accordance with the recommended servicing regime.

Not included in your Extended Warranty:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Repair of failures that result from customer abuse, neglect or misuse
  • Product failures related to improper application, installation, storage or maintenance

These conditions are subject to change..

For Warranty claim or enquires

Warranty claim or enquiry

Genuine Parts forever

We provide fast, reliable support to meet all the customer needs.

Our Aim is: To provide Parts and Solutions of the Right Quality, in the Right Quantity, at the Right Place, in Right Time… to ensure maximum uptime of Customers’ assets and be their preferred and Dependable supplier.

Genuine Parts Offerings

  • Genuine Parts
  • Engine Overhaul and Repair Kits
  • B Check Kits
  • Conversion and Engine Upgrade Kits
  • Filtration Products
  • Turbocharger Assemblies and Parts
  • Silencers and Emission products
  • Genset Alternators and Spares
  • Filtration and Coolants
  • Special repair / Diagnostic tools
  • Electrical / Electronic / Software Items
  • Accessories / Peripherals
  • Training Aids / Literature / Cut Models

Why Buy Genuine Parts?

It Makes Genuine Difference
Appearances can be deceptive! This is especially true when it comes to critical parts for your engine. Pistons, for example; a genuine piston and a local made piston may look exactly same; however, on closer inspection we can find a drastic difference between the two. There could be differences in design, tolerances and materials. The truth is, Genuine Parts deliver improved performance and longer life between overhauls. It’s that simple.

Every Part Proven

Genuine parts undergo countless hours in the test cell, plus millions of hours in field testing, to ensure reliability and durability. Genuine Parts are proven and dependable. Others aren’t.

Even though a non-genuine part might apparently fit your engine, there is no guarantee it will perform. Others try to copy genuine components without knowing the technology, design and materials specifications that are critical to performance. Installing non-genuine parts may cause early failure which can result in unscheduled downtime and increased repair costs. Play it safe and smart – purchase your replacement parts from an authorized distributor or dealer.

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