An acknowledged leader in the field of Genset Rental,WHISPOWER are the partners of choice to the Telecom Industry. The Company undertakes the rental, management and maintenance of an overriding majority of Gensets powering mobile towers across the state and has ironclad contracts with Industry Majors INDUS, HUAWEI, SHANDONG and VIACOM b stretching back over 8 years.
Over 8000 Generators a have been pressed into service and smooth streamlined operations are the norm rather than the exception. WHISPOWER rentals in the domain of Diesel Gensets reaches all the way through lesser capacities up to 1500 kVA for small medium and large applications. In a rapidly growing industry there will always be alternatives to turn to for service requirements. Choosing Whisower however is not just cost-effective This is a service option that is thorough ,deals only in genuine spares and eventually results in the lowest overall cost of ownership to clients.

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South Kalamassery
Ernakulam, Kerala - 683104
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